Monday, September 30, 2013

Top Year End Corporate Gifts

What to give someone who has everything is a question often asked of corporate gifts specialists. Having access to a number of gifts, we often make purchase for ourselves. So for this article I will review what has really wowed me enough to spend money on myself. With so many things on the go keeping organised really makes difference, so for me these four items make a big difference. 1. The Ladies Stylish Laptop Handbag.
I love this bag because I can slip my tablet into the tablet sleeve, I can fit those need to reach quickly items, such as car keys, access cards, a lipstick, a cell phone and a small change purse into the small zip up compartment on the side. Although this is a laptop bag, I have a second company which requires that an A4 membership pack and educational support material. These fit very comfortably into the bag. I also always have a corporate gifting catalogue in the bag. In fact I have two of them, which are kitted out with the same information. I have the black bag, which fits into any wardrobe and recently because I have developed a passion for red, I also have the cherry red bag to compliment the cherry red shoes that I just bought as part of my power look. 2. The Manicure Set in Pouch
This corporate gift was so popular for woman’s month that it sold out virtually as it arrived at the warehouse. But the good news is that it will arrive in time for the Valentine’s Day gift rush. The next shipment is due on 10 Dec 2013, if customs is kind to us. The reason that I love this gift is not just because it has a cute little design, but because for years I have been driving my family insane by always frantically trying to find lip ice or lip gloss or lipstick. You see my handbags are often big and then I end up scratching around for them like crazy, getting more and more frustrated by the minute. A lipstick is an infuriatingly small thing than never seems to appear when you need it, especially when it is in a big handbag. I often pop a lipstick or lip glass into my pocket and then forget about it and buy a new one until the lipstick miracle appears when I next wear the jacket. Since I got the manicure set in pouch corporate gift, I always know where to find my lipstick. The funky little design fits into my bag easily, but when I am not using my bags, I just pop it into the car if I am dashing out and only need a purse and some freshening up. This nifty corporate gift is a definite winner, but please do remember that you will need to back order it for the New Year. 3. The Portable Boot Organiser
I actually bought this for our sales manager, who often carries around catalogue to be dropped off with our clients. But I am definitely going to get one for myself. The great thing about catalogues is that they produce sales. The frustrating thing is that if they are left lying around in the car, they tend to get bumped by other objects and then get dog ears and then when clients see a tatty looking catalogue, it just looks sloppy. But writing off many tatty looking catalogues is just really a waste of money. With the boot organiser, all these essential sales tools can be left comfortably in the boot. It is an extremely light weight item that is easily lifted out and removed if you need to transport things that take up more space. For moms it is also a great way to keep toys and other school related items neatly stored. For attorneys, you can easily keep your case files into his without having to haul all the work around. You can then just sort through your files and take out the ones that are essential for that case. Not having to carry such a huge load may well reduce your visits to the chiropractor. 4. The Executive Desk Box with Memo Pad.
For someone like me, who hates clutter, I see to attract an enormous amount of it. Some people would say that it is the law of attraction. Meaning that what you focus on is what you get, whether it is good or bad. In our office we have limited space and we have an open plan office. The amount of pen grabbing, searching for cell phone chargers etc. is frustrating and each person seems to put things into a different place. I will be buying one of these corporate gifts for every team member. It has a stylish leatherette finish. An annoying part of daily office life is that as we all use Nokia phones, everyone just grabs for the nearest charger. What I love about it is that I can store my cell phone in it and it has a little drawer that I can put my charger in. Then everyone can have their own charger in their own little drawer and we can quit squabbling about who is using the charger. It also has space for a small tablet or letter opener. Some people put their business cards where I would put my cell phone, but you can decide what works best for it. For these and other corporate gifts, contact us on or visit us on or call us on 0829487461.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Belle Regalo supplies T-shirts and Golf Shirts for the Steffanutti Stocks Family Fun Day

In September 2013, Steffanutti Stocks had their family fun day. Belle Regalo provided the t-shirts, caps and towels for the day. We supplied both the adults and the kids t-shirts as well as the cheerleading outfits.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 September 2013 is National Recycling Day

20 September 2013 is National Recycling Day. It forms part of the Clean Up SA Week which is from 16 September to 21 September 2013. Here are some tips of how to make recycling work for your office. Assess your office or work environment and determine what type of recyclable waste you produce the most of. Take note of which materials will be the easiest for your staff to recycle or collect. Make sure that everyone at the office knows how your recycling project is going to work. Identify a collector of recyclables who will collect or buy from your office, or a charity organization that would benefit from the recyclables. Ensure that your office has a well-managed storage facility for the recyclables that is easily visible. Separate your waste – keep wet (waste) and dry (recyclables) apart. Benefits of Recycling include: Less energy is used when recycled materials are included in the manufacturing process. Benefits the South African economy as it decreases the necessity to import raw materials. Opportunities for income generation and alleviation of poverty through job creation. Prevents litter Contributes to a cleaner, greener and healthier South Africa. Less waste, creates more landfill space. Take pride in your environment and start recycling today. Some Gifts Green Grass Mini Shopper 110gsm laminated non-woven 22.9 ( w ) x 11.4 ( d ) x 30.5 ( h ) with pre-printed eco-logical & grass designs R 10.78 excl VAT and branding Eco-Logical Optical Mouse & Mousepad bamboo & ABS optical mouse: 8 ( l ) x 4.9 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h ) / recess for domed sticker / version 2.0 / 800 DPI bamboo Mousepad: 21 ( l ) x 15 ( w ) x 0.8 ( h ) R 148.48 excl VAT and branding Eco-Tech Memory Stick - 2GB 100% biodegradable & compostable PA version 2.0 pre-printed recycled paper presentation box: 9.5 ( l ) x 3.5 ( w ) x 2.5 ( h ) R 80.98 excl VAT and branding Essence Eco-Logical Notebook Reduced price for clearance. We are making way for new stock, so this price is reduced. ESSENCE ECO-LOGICAL NOTEBOOK made from 100% recycled paper 17.8 ( l ) x 14 ( w ) x 1 ( h ) INCLUDES PENCIL MADE OF RECYCLED NEWSPAPER 100 PAGES RULED WITH SOY INK SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK R 17.53 excl VAT and branding Happy shopping!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October

Breast Cancer Awareness "Go Pink" for October. Help bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research. 160g Ladies T-Shirt
Description A ladies’ option in an industry standard weight. Garment features ladies-specific lines and neck shape. Durability is enhanced by double top-stitched neck rib, hem and sleeves. • 160g 100% Super carded cotton jersey fabric • Round scoop neck • Shaped sides for more flattering, feminine fit • Abbreviated sleeves Start and awareness campaign with your clients and staff, to improve breast cancer awareness and also start exercising as a critical part of reducing risk of breast cancer.   Glass Water Bottles
A glass solution to keeping water, freshly squeezed juices or milk drinks tasting exactly as they were intended - fresh and delicious - the funky 500ml glass bottle is perfect for everyday use. With the big scare of BPA and cancer, this is an ideal corporate gift for breast cancer awareness month. Polyester sports bag
Drawstring bag – ideal for the gym or other sports like swimming. Start and awareness campaign with your clients and staff, to improve breast cancer awareness and also start exercising as a critical part of reducing risk of breast cancer.   Cookie Mugs
A cookie mug is a mug with a cut out section at the bottom to slot a cookie into it. This is a wonderful breast cancer awareness gift as it sits on the desk and is a constant reminder of reducing risks of breast cancers. 210g Ladies Vest Description Features include self-fabric trim on neckline and armholes with top-stitching. Available in three feminine colours. Ideal garment for sports or cami application. • 100% Carded Cotton 1x1 rib fabric • Shaped body for flattering appearance • Scooped neck-line Bling ladies torch
Ladies metal LED torch with gem stones. Shine a light on breast cancer awareness with these great torches. Ladies Breezeway Golfer Description The ultimate ladies golfer with shaped body, side vents and curved side panel inserts. Top quality finishes all around. Available in eight exciting colour ways. • 100% 170g performance fabric • Feminine Two-tone sport styling • Zipped placket styling Coloured Barrel Metal Ballpoint Pen Description • Coloured Zinc Alloy Barrel • Chrome Ring • Chrome Clip • Twist Action Mechanism • Chrome Tip • TC Tip With German Documental ink – Black Pens make great breast cancer awareness gift as they are small and are used so regularly and serves as a constant reminder about breast cancer. Luggage tag "Kemer" Trendy & colourful luggage tag – large branding area! Combatting stress is a powerful ingredient against cancers including breast cancer, so encourage your staffs, family and clients to take a break even if it is just a few weekends away.   Wax Highlighter with Ballpoint Pen Description • Plastic Colour Body • Ridge Detail • Twist Action Mechanism • Wax Highlighter Breast cancer awareness month is about highlighting the risks of breast cancer. This pink highlighter makes and excellent corporate gift for breast cancer awareness month. Sunscreen Sunscreen is a great defence against skin cancer. Use this has a handy reminder to care for your help and prevent cancer. This makes a super corporate gift for any event.   Knotted Sling Bag Description • 180D Nylon • Mesh Sides • Main Zippered Compartment • Nylon / Mesh Knotted Shoulder Strap Exercise is a critically important part of preventing cancer. So start a campaign with your staff to start exercising. This corporate gift is an ideal breast cancer awareness gift to highlight the benefits of exercise in the fight against cancer. Weekend Sports Bag Description • Large Main Compartment • Carry Handles • 600D Nylon Construction • Front Zippered Compartment • Adjustable/Removable Shoulder Strap   Pocket Tissues Sometimes when bad news arrives, you need a good cry to process the shock. Instead of hiding behind our fears, let’s bring breast cancer out into the open and share our feelings and fears about breast cancer. Tissues serve as a reminder that we need to be empathetic to those who face breast cancer and to give them the support that they need to be strong and fight back. Super 6 Panel Brushed Cotton Cap Description • Fabric construction • Embroidered self-coloured eyelets • Pre-curved peak   Olympic Six Panel Cap • Fabric Construction • Polymicrofiber Peachskin • Self-Fabric Velcro enclosure to accommodate adjustability Active Military Cap • Fabric construction • Embroidered self-coloured eyelets • Pre-curved peak   Travel size sewing kit Travel size sewing kit for any wardrobe emergency. Twill Visor • Fabric Construction • 4 Needle strict twill sweatband • Self-fabric Velcro enclosure to accommodate adjustability Automatic umbrella 190T polyester automatic umbrella with wooden hook handle. Protection for the sun is always an excellent defence against cancer. A parasol or umbrella is an excellent way to convey that message.