Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 September 2013 is National Recycling Day

20 September 2013 is National Recycling Day. It forms part of the Clean Up SA Week which is from 16 September to 21 September 2013. Here are some tips of how to make recycling work for your office. Assess your office or work environment and determine what type of recyclable waste you produce the most of. Take note of which materials will be the easiest for your staff to recycle or collect. Make sure that everyone at the office knows how your recycling project is going to work. Identify a collector of recyclables who will collect or buy from your office, or a charity organization that would benefit from the recyclables. Ensure that your office has a well-managed storage facility for the recyclables that is easily visible. Separate your waste – keep wet (waste) and dry (recyclables) apart. Benefits of Recycling include: Less energy is used when recycled materials are included in the manufacturing process. Benefits the South African economy as it decreases the necessity to import raw materials. Opportunities for income generation and alleviation of poverty through job creation. Prevents litter Contributes to a cleaner, greener and healthier South Africa. Less waste, creates more landfill space. Take pride in your environment and start recycling today. Some Gifts Green Grass Mini Shopper 110gsm laminated non-woven 22.9 ( w ) x 11.4 ( d ) x 30.5 ( h ) with pre-printed eco-logical & grass designs R 10.78 excl VAT and branding Eco-Logical Optical Mouse & Mousepad bamboo & ABS optical mouse: 8 ( l ) x 4.9 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h ) / recess for domed sticker / version 2.0 / 800 DPI bamboo Mousepad: 21 ( l ) x 15 ( w ) x 0.8 ( h ) R 148.48 excl VAT and branding Eco-Tech Memory Stick - 2GB 100% biodegradable & compostable PA version 2.0 pre-printed recycled paper presentation box: 9.5 ( l ) x 3.5 ( w ) x 2.5 ( h ) R 80.98 excl VAT and branding Essence Eco-Logical Notebook Reduced price for clearance. We are making way for new stock, so this price is reduced. ESSENCE ECO-LOGICAL NOTEBOOK made from 100% recycled paper 17.8 ( l ) x 14 ( w ) x 1 ( h ) INCLUDES PENCIL MADE OF RECYCLED NEWSPAPER 100 PAGES RULED WITH SOY INK SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK R 17.53 excl VAT and branding Happy shopping!

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