Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Enhance your brand with the Prestige and Longevity of Leather Gifts

By Kim Vermaak
What I love about leather is the sheer luxuriousness of it. The smell has a classy established aroma to it and the feel of a genuine leather item speaks of style and taste. That’s what makes leather gifts such an appealing corporate gift. One of the great things about leather is that there are so many applications for corporate gifting. You can also build an entire corporate gifting strategy around leather. For example, entry level clients can get something as simple and cost effective as a leather business card holder. Although more expensive than many of the metal business card holders, they have excellent longevity. In fact leather gifts really do stand the test of time when it comes to wear. It is even a status symbol to have a more worn looking leather item. If it is genuine leather in comparison to bonded leather, it will wear very well. While Moleskines have become an increasingly popular brand name and one of the brands that we well a lot of, these books need to be replaced on a regular basis, meaning that to get longevity for your brand, you are going to have to replace them yourself every few months. The genuine leather notebooks covers however, are branded and given out once. Many of the A4 notebooks available at the moment form stationary stores that easily be slipped into these covers. This means that the genuine leather notebook covers offer longevity and longevity equals value for money in a corporate gift. The leather notebook would be an excellent example for a mid-level leather corporate gift. The highest end leather corporate gifts definitely come in the form of leather travel bags. This is the highest level of style and class and a sort after corporate gift by executives, dignitaries and many other high level individuals. They make wonderful golf day prizes and awards because of their high value and stylish design. Along the way there are number of leather corporate gifting items that will compliment your leather gift strategy. You can choose form desk based leather corporate gifts such as, A4 leather trays, leather desk blotters, leather desk business card holders, leather desk memo pads; leather desk pen caddies, leather mouse pads. As there is such a wide range of these leather items, it is easy to find a different item every year as part of your corporate gifting strategy. Then then there are travel theme leather corporate gifts such as, leather cosmetic pouches, leather jewellery rolls, leather luggage tags, leather passport covers and leather travel wallets Conference leather gifts include, leather A4 Folders, leather A5 Folders, leather computer bags, and leather document bags. For clients who embrace both technology as well and a timeless elegance there are a number if IPad options to choose from such as, leather IPad covers, leather IPad sleeves, leather IPad zipper folders. By Kim Vermaak Belle Regalo – Supplier of Corporate Gifts www.belleregalo.co.za For more leather ideas visit: http://www.belleregalo.co.za/gifts/Leather-Gifts.htm Contact us on info@belleregalo.co.za or 082 948 7461

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